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Prime Time Early Learning Centers has New Jersey locations in Edgewater, Hoboken, Paramus, East Rutherford and New York locations in Middletown and Farmingdale. All of our centers are state licensed and offer a superior curriculum that exceeds State licensing requirements.

Each of our center directors is a college graduate and licensed early learning professional, supported by our Director of Operations; an experienced administrator and early childhood learning specialist with a Masters Degree in Education. Our carefully selected, vetted and trained staff provide loving care to each child entrusted to us, and want to teach your child the skills they need to ensure their future school success.

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Why Do Toddlers Love To Dump Things Out?

Parents everywhere are no doubt exasperated when the 15-18 month old’s fascination with dumping out containers becomes a regular activity for their children. Dumping water, food, toys, the garbage, the cat food, the everything… It gets old quickly, cleaning up all that stuff. The toddlers show little interest in the items they have dumped out, but that doesn’t keep them from dumping them out

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Learning a Second Language: More than just a handy skill

Many adults took some foreign language classes in high school or college, but most did not become fluent or even conversational, and many also then forgot most of what they learned without frequent practice. That model of education leaves a lot to be desired in terms of efficacy. If today’s parents want bilingual or multilingual children to obtain the maximum benefits of those second

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How Young Kids Learn Science

Most parents probably don’t remember their very first official science lesson, but it was probably sometime in second or third grade. Surely, there was some sort of textbook reading and perhaps a short demonstration by a teacher on surface tension or gravity. We have come to think of science as a book-learned set of ideas for children much older than nursery and preschool age.

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