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Prime Time Early Learning Centers has New Jersey locations in Edgewater, Hoboken, Paramus, East Rutherford and New York locations in Middletown and Farmingdale. All of our centers are state licensed and offer a superior curriculum that exceeds State licensing requirements.

Each of our center directors is a college graduate and licensed early learning professional, supported by our Director of Operations; an experienced administrator and early childhood learning specialist with a Masters Degree in Education. Our carefully selected, vetted and trained staff provide loving care to each child entrusted to us, and want to teach your child the skills they need to ensure their future school success.

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Don’t Throw That Away! -Why Teachers Love Upcycled Art Materials

Ever been to a preschool, child care center, or nursery school and found a basket of toilet paper tubes? How about a bin of old magazines? Maybe even a bucket of small mismatched ceramic tiles? There is a great reason for all of that stuff, plus the other dozen or more recycled materials that teachers collect and treasure for use in art projects with

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Inch By Inch, Row By Row: The Value of the Classroom Garden

Every Preschool, Nursery School, and Daycare Center should definitely be growing some sort of plant, ideally an edible, as part of the enriching environment. It doesn’t matter if it is a window box, a garden, or a muffin pan with paper cups sprouting radishes from potting soil, kids should be growing something in their place of learning. Many parents remember growing chia, or a

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Here Fishy Fishy! The Amazing Benefits of a Classroom Fish Tank

Many Preschools, Nursery Schools, and Daycares have done away with the notion of a Class Pet. It used to be that many child care centers had some sort of resident critter like a hamster, turtle or a parakeet. Modern times have brought allergies, fears of disease, possible liabilities, and too much added responsibilities to the prospect of classroom pets. That’s a shame, certainly, because

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