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Prime Time Early Learning Centers has New Jersey locations in Edgewater, Hoboken, Paramus, East Rutherford and New York locations in Middletown and Farmingdale. All of our centers are state licensed and offer a superior curriculum that exceeds State licensing requirements.

Each of our center directors is a college graduate and licensed early learning professional, supported by our Director of Operations; an experienced administrator and early childhood learning specialist with a Masters Degree in Education. Our carefully selected, vetted and trained staff provide loving care to each child entrusted to us, and want to teach your child the skills they need to ensure their future school success.

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Prime Time Switching to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

As part of its new Growing Green environmental awareness and stewardship program, Prime Time Early Learning Centers is starting the switch to LED lighting. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights use an entirely different type of highly efficient illumination source than the inefficient but popular “incandescent” light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in the 1800’s. As a result they’re up to 10 times more energy

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Anchor It To Protect Young Children!

Children like to climb. On parents. On purpose built play structures. On furniture. For kids, your home is a playground. As you look at your home with an eye to childproof it, you may not be aware that unsecured TVs, furniture and appliances are “hidden in plain sight” hazards lurking in every room. To Prevent a Tip-over Tragedy: Think like a kid Put yourself

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Prime Time Early Learning has introduced Little Free Libraries at all of our centers!

As of December, 2016 all Prime Time Early Learning Centers have installed Little Free Libraries for young children’s books outside all our centers. What’s a Little Free Library?  Glad you asked! A Little Free Library is a home-made and decorated outdoor book box that serves as a small neighborhood based community lending library. Prime Time’s Little Free Libraries are designated for young children’s books

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