Prime Time Early Learning Centers

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Prime Time Early Learning Centers has New Jersey locations in Edgewater, Hoboken, Paramus, East Rutherford and New York locations in Middletown and Farmingdale. All of our centers are state licensed and offer a superior curriculum that exceeds State licensing requirements.

Each of our center directors is a college graduate and licensed early learning professional, supported by our Director of Operations; an experienced administrator and early childhood learning specialist with a Masters Degree in Education. Our carefully selected, vetted and trained staff provide loving care to each child entrusted to us, and want to teach your child the skills they need to ensure their future school success.

From the Director's Chair

Nanny Care v. Professional Child Care

Many new parents will need to return to work while their children are young, and many face the stresses of finding a trusted caregiver and/or a safe and loving place to take their child to each day. There are many options and combinations of options to consider. Primarily, the decision comes down to using Family members, a Nanny or babysitters to provide home based

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Prime Time Paramus is home to Coastie the Crested Gecko!

As part of of Prime Time Early Learning Center’s “Growing Green” environmental awareness and education program, Prime Time continues to look for ways to introduce nature into our classrooms. Each Prime Time Center has a tropical fish tank in the lobby, and some Prime Time classrooms have Betta fish bowls or Hermit Crabs to introduce children to other animal species. Now, Prime Time is

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Keeping Children Warm- Why is it so important?

From the moment a new baby is born, it is put in a hat and swaddling and placed under a warmer. Keeping babies warm is something most parents and caregivers just know to do. But as children age and begin to dress themselves, they seem to get progressively less bundled up than they were when parents did the dressing and swaddling. Many people might

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