Can Something as Simple as Reading With My Child Be Worth It?

In a word: Yes!

As parents, we are often bombarded with suggestions and ideas of things we should do with our children.  At the end of a long day of work or caring for children we often we just want to have some peaceful and quiet time.  Those feelings are ones that all parents experience.

Let me share the good news of what many parents have discovered!  Reading a book to your child IS like finding that peaceful and quiet time. Even 15 minutes, in that setting helps us as parents to get back on track AND makes a very good investment in our child’s future academic pursuits.

We can never forget that children are creatures of pleasure, just like us! If they enjoy something and have positive experiences with it, they tend to continue to do that activity.  If they don’t like it, they will avoid it, just like us!

Research strongly supports how important it can be for children to acquire the habit that reading every day is a fun and pleasurable activity. For some more reasons why:

–Grade School Students who report that they enjoy reading for “fun” or as a hobby consistently score higher on achievement test than students who don’t.

. This U.S. Department of Education analysis done in the last few y ears found that children who were read to at least 3 times a week by a family member at home were almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading than children who were read to less time.

Just like physical exercise, the benefits add up when you do something regularly.

So It IS Worth It!

With so many ideas on ways to build reading aloud into your routine, there is surely one to fit your lifestyle and busy schedule. There is no greater reward than reading with your children. You’ve carved out a very important time for connecting with your child AND given them the opportunity to to do better in their future.

Read every day with your children – you’ll be glad you did

This Article is By:

Kathy Leiblich,MA Ed. Former Mahwah Director and now After School Coordinator of East Rutherford