Celebrate Earth Day from April 21st – April 25th by taking the Prime Time Green Challenge!

It is never too early to start teaching children the importance of keeping our planet clean and learning how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. With a little guidance and supervision, children can get creative by helping accept the Prime Time Green Challenge and celebrating earth.

Just because children are small doesn’t mean they can’t help make a difference. After all, little steps can lead to big changes.


  • Look at some of the Prime Time GREEN CHALLENGE Activities that we hope you will participate in with your families.
  • Pick a few activities to perform with your children. Feel free to add some other activities too.
  • Pick up Prime Time’s Green Challenge Form and Fill It Out (after discussing it with your family)
  • Turn into your school’s Director, Education Director or and Staff Member AND THEN WE WILL TELL THE WORLD

P.S. – Your form will be posted at your Prime Time School


  • EARTH DAY DINNER which can be held anytime. Because food is usually associated with an important event, plan a meal with as much participation on your child’s part as possible, just for this occasion.
  • SAVE WATER with small changes in your home routines. Some ideas are: Turn off the water while brushing teeth or running the sink or taking shorter showers. Water is precious and takes energy to clean it, so don’t waste it!
  • TURN OFF the TV, and other electronics when you’re done with them. Don’t waste energy on an empty room—save it!
  • Recycle EVERYTHING paper, plastic, glass and cans. The more we reuse things, the better for our planet.
  • Walk instead of taking a car if the distance is short enough. The less we use, the better!
  • Conserve Paper by reminding your child (and doing it yourself) to use both sides before re-cycling. It takes energy to make paper, so don’t waste it!

We want to keep our planet green and clean! Just as you child will grow each year, so will their interest and participation in this celebration. A good start is participating with your family in the PRIME TIME GO GREEN CHALLENGE!