Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2014 will be celebrated on the 22nd of April, 2014, all over the world. Our mission at Prime Time is to forward steps in helping our planet remain a safe place to live for long time. It is important to protect our planet by helping our young children to develop everyday habits that are compatible with this goal.

Because our planet is truly a wonderful place…this brings us to Earth Day and the importance of commemorating ways to keep it that way. Prime Time invites all our families to accept our “Go Green Challenge” not only for Earth Week but in the days ahead. Details are available in each of our schools.

Here are few ways to help our young children continue with activities that are compatible with the ideals of respecting and preserving the Earth—for generations forward.


Use cardboard boxes, shoeboxes, junk mail, old magazines, fabric, ribbons, and extra buttons before they end up in the trash and let children transform them into Art. Use an empty plastic milk jug and turn it into a bird feeder by cutting a hole in the side of the jug. Fill the jug with birdseed and hang it on a tree. Create a flowerpot by poking holes in the bottom and cutting the milk jug in half below the handle; decorate it with the miscellaneous materials you already stockpiled. Children can us many items into something useable.


Many homes today have separate containers for recyclable materials, and some cities even provide recycling bins for bottles and cans, paper products, and yard waste. If you already have a Recycling Program in place, involve your preschooler in helping sort the recyclables. Take your little one to a local supermarket or a recycling center that has machines for depositing bottles and cans. Make a game out of seeing how many bottles and cans you can recycle, and let your child turn the money you get back into a reward for their efforts. Let them choose something small to buy or bring the money home to save in a piggy bank.


Many people are now turning to reusable bags, found in nearly every store, as an alternative to the traditional paper or plastic. Made of cotton, canvas, polyester, or recycled polypropylene, the totes are machine washable or easy to wipe down with mild soap and a damp cloth. Help your little one to choose a bag and then help them personalize. This will help your child be proud to use their very own reusable tote to transport toy or carry lunches and snacks


Whether in your backyard or using pots, planting can be fun for any preschooler, especially the ones who like to get dirty. With your child, choose seeds that will grow well in your area or to care for through the year. Helping children to learn to nurture the environment and that plants can help clean our air and provide healthy nourishment is a valuable lesson. Teach both responsibility and the importance of caring for the planet.
Visit a local zoo, nature center or natural-history museum is the best way to introduce your preschoolers to animals from all over the world. The narratives and descriptive placards allow you to help children realize that we share this planet with others.

Enjoy Earth Day activities year round, with projects and excursions that will have your preschool children demonstrating creative ways to save our planet, reduce spending and have fun. Earth Day reminds us all to reduce, reuse and recycle, to protect our environment. Let’s have fun and enjoy teaching our little ones the importance of keeping the earth clean and preserving its natural resources. This is an important task. Our earth should be protected so its precious resources can be available to us for many years to come.