Prime Time Early Learning embraces the progressive early education practice of providing children with age appropriate access to computers and learning software. Like all materials and resources we provide to our students, computer learning is carefully evaluated to ensure it is developmentally appropriate and beneficial to young children. When computer experiences match children’s developmental needs, they provide a valuable, unique learning resource.

Computers are just one of the learning resources we can provide young children. Our goal at Prime Time is to use computers in developmentally appropriate ways. After doing our research about the options in computer software, we selected two programs for our young learners.

Prime Time selected these programs with the idea that they are designed to become integrated into the overall curriculum. ABC Mouse and IXL are being used in all of our Prime Time Schools. This software provides young children a different view toward learning and introduces them to a world they are eager to manipulate, experiment with, and discover. The journey with young children’s learning is one, both our staff and our parents are on together. Please discuss with your school’s director or your child’s teacher if you would like to know more specifics on how these software programs are being used at Prime Time to enhance learning.

Please enjoy this clip of our Prime Time Paramus students utilizing the educational software programs as part of our curriculum’s developmentally appropriate practices offered through ABC Mouse and IXL.