Explore the Nature

The world of nature inspires your child to explore their surroundings. There are so many fun things they can do to experience and learn about nature. Winter, spring, summer or fall, your child can have great fun exploring the outdoors in a meaningful way. The best thing about nature exploration is that it doesn’t require any special tools. The most important tools include your eyes, hands, nose and ears, which you already have.

Not only is nature exploration fun, it’s educational. Consider how many questions your child asks on a walk through a park or nature path.

Outdoor activities often bring out the curious, creative, and self-motivated learner in all of us. Here are few ideas for your entire family to explore and learn in the outdoors. Your family can observe birds and imitate their movements. How do different birds move? Serenading a spider can be exciting. “The itsy bitsy spider…” How many different kinds of webs can you find? Draw your own web. Furthermore, you can help your child make a crayon rubbing of a leaf or the bark of a tree. Start a rock collection and tap them together to make rock music. Your child can start a nature journal or an art book depending on their interest. Also, cloud watching encourages vocabulary building.

by Margaret Augustynowicz