Prime Time ELC – Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Are Prime Time teachers certified as Child Development Associates?
A. Many Prime Time teachers are trained and nationally certified as a Child Development Associate (CDA).  Prime Time encourages our teachers to complete their CDA credential and we reimburse them their CDA course fees.  Prime Time provides annual pay bonuses for teachers with their CDA credential, as well as to our teachers with a college degree in Early Childhood Education.
Q. What other child development education do Prime Time teachers receive?

A: Prime Time has a professional child development specialist on staff, who works with each of our center education directors, to ensure our teachers have the knowledge and the tools to provide the children in our care with a first class early childhood education. We also contract with an early childhood education consultant to work with our staff on how to most effectively teach children our curriculum.

Q. What is the nature and focus of Prime Time’s early childhood curriculum?
A: Prime Time Founder Ricci Wasserman is a credentialed and experienced grade school and special education teacher, with a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Education, and a Professional Degree in educational administration from Fordham University. Ricci, along with Prime Time’s professional child development specialist, and contracted early childhood education consultant, spent many years crafting the Prime Connections early childhood development curriculum used exclusively at all Prime Time Early Learning Centers. Please ask our center directors more about how Prime Connections will help your child to grow, develop and be fully prepared to start school.
Q: Does Prime Time offer infant care?
A: Yes, All six Prime Time Early Learning Centers offer infant care, beginning at six weeks of age.
Q: Can I enroll my child for just afternoons?
A: Yes, all Prime Time Early Learning Centers offer a variety of flexible scheduling options, so you can take advantage of as little or much of our child care services as you need. Hourly and monthly rates vary based on the number of hours you schedule your child for each month.
Q: Do you offer night or weekend child care?
A: At present, based on an apparent lack of demand, Prime Time Early Learning Centers do not offer night or weekend child care. If you and other parents express sufficient interest for this type of extended hours care, we will consider offering it on a center by center basis.
Q: Do you offer summer and holiday camp for school age children?
A: Yes, we sure do. Children up to age 10 are welcome to enjoy camp for a day, week or more during the summer or during any school holidays. Camp hours are the same as our regular center hours; 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Camp includes age appropriate in-center curriculum as well as fun special guests, field trips and water play opportunities. Please check with your local Prime Time Center for more details.
Q: Do you have indoor playgrounds or gymnasiums at your centers?
A: Yes, every Prime Time Early Learning Center has both an indoor and an outdoor playground. We believe that physical exercise and interacting with other children during structured and unstructured play enhances strength, balance and coordination and is an important part of a young child’s development.
Q: How do you handle your waiting list?
A: There are two separate waiting lists. One list is for families who already have a child enrolled in Prime Time, when parents also want to enroll siblings. The second list is for families who do not yet have a child enrolled at Prime Time. Families are contacted a month prior to starting to finalize a schedule and make an appointment to meet their child’s teacher.
Q: Is it possible to enroll my special needs child?
A: Yes, however we do not offer a special education program. Children with special needs are fully included into the appropriate classroom, as long as they are not overly disruptive to other children. Before enrolling a child with special needs, we will meet with you to determine the best placement for your child.
Q: May I visit my child in the center any time?
A: Parents of infants are welcome to visit or call their Prime Time school at any time. Parents of older children may also visit their child any time, but if they want to talk with teachers, parents are asked to visit or call between noon and 2:00 PM, when children are napping, and teachers are better able to answer questions. Parents are always welcome to visit our centers, meet with our school directors, or view their child’s classroom via our in-house classroom video system.
Q: How does Prime Time communicate with me about my child and center activities?
A: Prime Time Early Learning Centers utilizes a web/app based program called PreSchool2Me to replace daily paper reports, info sheets and other teacher-to-parent notifications with electronic reports, real-time digital photos and information about a child’s daily growth and development. Using computer tablets and this digital interface, teachers are able to track and share with every parent the attendance and classroom transitions for their child as well as provide documentation of learning, photos, assessments and progress timelines – all delivered through the PreSchool2Me app or web interface!

“Parent Connections,” our newsletter on center and children activities is published quarterly to supplement monthly newsletters sent home to class parents by our teachers. We also have parent-teacher conferences and progress reports sent home twice each year.

Every Prime Time center holds an open house one evening each autumn to encourage questions and answers between parents, teachers and staff while Prime Time Center Directors are always available to discuss any issues that can’t be addressed by teachers.

Q: Do I need to bring a lunch for my child?
A: This varies among Prime Time centers. Many Prime Time centers provide lunch for children. Please check with the staff at the Prime Time ELC nearest to you. All our centers are peanut-free.
Q: May a visiting relative pick up my child?
A: We must have written permission from a parents or guardian to release a child to someone else. The adult picking up the child must be at least 18 years old and provide us with a government issued photo ID.
Q: What is Prime Time’s approach to child safety and security?
A: The safety of the children entrusted to our care is our highest priority. Every Prime Time Center uses ProCare electronic door access equipment that only admits authorized users to our school. We also have extensive CCTV camera systems in our schools; with cameras in each classroom and playground as well as a digital recorder. Prime Time has an experienced physical security specialist on staff and Center directors work with local police to perform regular security surveys of our buildings and grounds. Teachers use written tracking sheets to manually track each child as they transition to different activities throughout the day.
Q: Does Prime Time accept credit cards for child care tuition?
A: Prime Time accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express as well as personal and bank checks. No cash payments of any kind are accepted at any Prime Time center.
Q: I cannot find the answer to my question here. What should I do?
A: Please Contact your local Prime Time Early Learning Center. We are happy to talk with you by phone or email about any issue at all related to your child and our Prime Time Centers. Thank You!