Growing Green

Prime Time’s Growing Green program teaches children about nature and sustainability. It is also a commitment by our staff to continuously strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our centers. We believe that when we model and teach young children about nature and their environment, and to recycle and conserve resources, they learn lessons and values that will help shape their lives. At Prime Time, our mission is to give children the knowledge and passion to become mindful global citizens who will grow to care for the earth that sustains us all.

Q: How do you introduce sustainability to children?

A: First, we provide fun ways for them to learn about nature, the environment and how to re-use and recycle. Like…

  • Insect Hatching and Classroom Friends
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gardening
  • Eggs to Chicks Program
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Recycled Art Projects
  • Songs and Storytime About Sustainability

Then we provide them an eco-friendly environment to learn in!

Prime Time is committed to improving each of our center’s environmental stewardship by incorporating practices such as:

  • Using Energy Star rated appliances
  • Loading copiers and printers with recycled paper
  • Replacing light fixtures with highly efficient LED lighting
  • Installing recycling bins in our centers
  • Donating to organizations that help protect our environment
  • Eliminating all styrofoam cups and clamshells
  • Replacing disposable drink bottles with BPA-free, refillable containers
  • Installing water filters on taps to improve drinking water quality and taste
  • Maintaining classroom temperatures at 68-70 degrees throughout the year