New Jersey & New York State Dept. of Education Preschool learning standards

What is this all about??? How does this affect my preschooler???

In 1989 the National Education Goals Panel was established to help improve quality of education in the United States. Since that time, many states have adopted teaching and learning standards which provide a framework for high quality educational experiences to young children, ages 3-5. In more recent years, these program standards have been directly aligned to their individual state’s core curriculum – an important bridge to validate the value and importance of early childhood education. A huge and comprehensive task which took over 20 years to design and implement!!!!

Both states are very clear about what these standards are intended to be used for. They are a guide for instructional planning and curriculum implementation. They are also a comprehensive template for planning professional development opportunities for staff. These Learning Standards may be used as tools to empower parents, teachers and caregivers to better support their child’s learning and development. What an exciting and beneficial resource for all involved in the early childhood field – a win-win, if you will!

Home, school and community partnerships which support and work together to achieve shared goals for your children are essential in providing the positive, nurturing, learning environment we all strive for in preschool education. Prime Time Early Learning Centers uniquely designed Prime Connections Curriculum, used many of the guiding principles from these documents, when creating their curriculum. These statements demonstrate how NJ Preschool Standards AND NY PreK Foundations correspond to our Prime Connections Curriculum.

  • By organizing our curriculum into content areas which include the developmental domains of Physical Development, Social-Emotional Development, Cognitive Development (Language and Literacy and Math-Science), and Creative Development.
  • By focusing on attaining skills which help children to realize benchmarks and strive for mastery of learning outcomes.
  • By using teaching practices which include small focus groups to intentionally plan and teach for optimal learning and development.
  • By recognizing that all children are unique individuals who approach learning differently.

It is important to note that both these documents reinforce our Prime Time Early Learning Center belief that young children learn best when experiencing an environment that promotes positive approaches to learning while encouraging independence, routines, and social interactions.

As parents and educators, research more about these carefully developed documents and Preschool Learning Standards. Read them, ask questions, become informed and be a part of your child’s education!!!