Reading Consistently To Your Child

Consistency is The Key

Parents can make an invaluable contribution to your child’s literacy by being consistent in the support of reading.

Just think about it….If you want your child to be kind, it helps to model kindness every day. Good nutrition is aided with the same approach. We can do the same thing with reading. If we layer one positive experience on top of another, we build a strong foundation for just about anything in life. Helping our children to develop literacy skills as individuals is extremely important.

A person’s level of literacy is am important component of future success.  Because we know this to be true, doing the best job of helping our children at these beginning stages and throughout their school years becomes quite important. So take that important step and read to your child……….and keep on taking it every day.

Helping our children develop these life-critical skills begins with that commitment to read aloud every day. And that commitment doesn’t end when children begin school and learn to read. It is important that we encourage older children to continue to read as well. As parents, we must stay attuned to what is of interest to them and work hard to help them find reading material that matches those interests. It doesn’t work just to tell children to go read a book— we must be strong reading role models who provide both guidance and adequate opportunities and engaging materials.

When a child is very young, the sound of your voice, just as much as the words is what they enjoy. But if you are looking for guidance in finding great books to share with your child, a suggestion is to visit the Reading Tub at for some help in finding great books to share with your child. This website can provide you with book reviews for children who are infants all the way up to young adults as well as target audience reviews and an opportunity to learn more about the authors of the books. And of course, a visit to your local library’s Children’s Section will provide more ideas for locating and selecting interesting books for the younger set.

Keep on reading to your child,,,,,,,,,,,each and every day.