Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 is May 5-9!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 is May 5-9!

At Prime Time we really appreciate our teachers, and we know you do, too! During this week there will be different activities throughout each of our schools to let our staff know that they are special.

In past years, many parents have given staff members not only a verbal thank you but a written note of thanks. A heartfelt handwritten thank you note goes a long way to show your appreciation of their efforts. Make it even more meaningful by including something specific the staff has said or done that has made a difference to your child.

Involve your children in writing a note and include them in delivering it as well.

Staff treasure personal notes that reflect upon the successes of the children entrusted to their care

Some examples might include:

  • You’re extra special because…
  • Thank you for…
  • I love how you…
  • This year I have made so much progress by….

Make the gesture even more memorable by adding a hand-drawn picture or a photo of your child.