All schools are open normal hours on Tuesday Dec.28th

We are back to our normal schedule and all schools are open normal hours on Tuesday Dec. 28th.

All locations will be closed due to inclement weather on Dec. 27th

Due to local weather conditions, all Prime Time Early Learning Center locations will be closed on Monday December 27th. We appreciate your understanding.

Play – The Work Of Childhood

Years of research on children’s learning and development document the many benefits of play for children’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language development.  Children at play are actively involved in creating themes, exploring and establishing environments, solving problems, and developing shared understandings.  As kids play with each other, they learn to see other children’s points of view and begin to become more empathetic and

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Playing Is Learning

As you pick up your child from school each day, you naturally ask them what they did at school.  Quite often their response is that they “just played”.  That one little phrase can be quite disconcerting to parents who are looking at preschool as the beginning of their child’s academic career.  They are anxious to find out what their child learned at school today.

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Building a Book Collection for Your Child

Holidays and special occasions are a great reason to buy books for your child. Encourage trips to the public library in your town to borrow books and spend time exploring the shelves. Make sure you set aside designated time and a special place for collecting and sharing books together!

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December and Holidays

A word from Regional Educational Director Nancy Nathanson: December and the holidays can be joyful and stressful for children, teachers and parents!  Find the balance in your classrooms between special activities AND quiet downtime. Remember – Young children learn best from activities that are concrete and connected to their own experiences. Keep your classroom as neat and organized as possible.  Add an additional “private”

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Components of Literacy

The current concept of literacy includes much more than a child just knowing their abc’s or writing some letters in the alphabet.  The following terms might help in understanding how this complex process is interrelated through reading, writing, speaking and communicating : **7 Components of Literacy ** Increased Vocabulary and Language – A child builds new words through conversation and new experiences.  The development

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Happy Thanksgiving

We are  taking this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your business, support, loyalty, interest, and referral . We value your patronage and appreciate your confidence in us. Wishing you and your loved ones a warm and fabulous Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Prime Time Early Learning Center HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL Five Little Turkeys Five little turkeys standing at the door, One waddled off, and then there were four.

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How excited we are when our child first identifies that stop sign on the road, or their favorite fast food restaurant logo while driving in the car! As proud parents, grandparents and caregivers we smile with satisfaction when our little one writes his name for the first time or sings the ABC’s from beginning to end.  For all of us, literacy success translates to

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History of Prime Time Early Learning Center

Three Decades of  Evolution in Family Life as Reflected in the Development of Prime Time Early Learning Center. I need to begin with this disclaimer, I am commenting on my observations of family life in the northeast from 1980-2010 as seen through the eyes of professionally trained young mother. The women’s movement propelled this generation into colleges and the workforce in record numbers. We wanted

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