When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

When it’s cold outdoors, encourage children to participate in indoor winter movement activities.

Children can utilize movement activities that encourage their gross-motor skills and get

their bodies moving. Even if we are not having cold weather and snow during winter, there

are sometimes days when outdoor play is not an option. While learning more about the

winter, children can participate in engaging movement activities. Here are some fun ideas!

Snowake Float: Children can create and cut out several snowakes to use for a winter movement

activity. Cutting or tearing paper to make snowakes encourages motor skills. Children

can see how many dierent types of snowakes they can cut out (or can help you make) in a

specied period of time. Children can select a snowake and toss it into the air and then try to

keep the snowake aoat by blowing it or using their arms to move the air underneath the it.

See how long they can keep their snowakes up in the air.

Indoor Ice Skating: Turn a carpeted area into a movement activity by making an ice skating

rink for children. Give each child two pieces of wax paper to use as ice skates. Children can

position the paper underneath their socked feet and glide around the room. Create a “rink” by

positioning items around the room for the children to skate around.

Puddle Jump: Create a jumping activity for children to pretend they are jumping in puddles

created during the winter months. Position hula-hoops around the room and have each child

put on their rain boots.

Falling Snowakes: Play music for children and encourage them to pretend they are a snow-

ake drifting through the air during a winter snowstorm. Children can use their whole bodies

when pretending to fall through the air. When the music changes tempo, children can move

faster or slower to match their movements to the music.

Shaving Cream “Snow” Play: This is especially fun for toddlers but even older children can

have lots of fun making their own “snow” pictures. Dress your child in old clothes and put an

old sheet or tablecloth down on the oor below. On a clean table, place several cans of shaving

cream. You can also get scented bath foam for children for the same activity. Allow the

kids to spray the “snow” all over the table where they can then spread it out and play with it.

Encourage them to draw pictures in the “snow” or make a “snow” man. The feeling of the

shaving cream will keep them busy for quite some time!