Why Early Childhood Matters?

Why is the child care decision so important?

Why Early Childhood Matters –  For years, pregnant moms have been told to eat well, refrain from caffeine and drugs, and to receive good prenatal care for their babies and themselves. For generations, the question has been asked, “Is it nature or nurture that promotes brain development in young children?” Now, research has shown that all of the above are true. Yes, good nutrition and good prenatal care are essential, and genes do play a part in brain development; but research has now shown that a child’s early care and education play a critical role in a child’s brain development.

During the first ten years of life, essential brain connections are formed at an astounding rate. By age ten, the brain connections that have not been used frequently are starting to be pruned to make the brain work more efficiently.

Every experience and interaction, both positive and negative, affects brain development. Negative experiences such as child abuse or neglect can cause a child to have problems with trusting others throughout life, because children are especially affected by their early interactions with adults.

Positive learning environments for children produce tremendous brain development. Positive nurturing relationships at early ages are essential for healthy social-emotional development. That is why your choice in child care and early childhood education is so important.