Hello Prime Time Leaders,  I just want to thank you so much for providing KinderDance (as well as other extra activities) at Prime Time.  We attended a beautiful recital last night!  It exceeded our expectations by a lot, and we LOVED every minute of it!  The kids were so cute, and so into it.

Thank you so much for offering such fun, stimulating activities for the kids.  As a mother who works in the city, my time for activities with my daughter Gracies is so limited, and I really appreciate that PT has the ability to have outside companies come into your daycare to provide this enrichment.

If there are ever any other respectable companies that you’re considering to all into the school to teach “extras”, be if foreign language, salsa dance, karate, etc. please know I would be first in line to sign up!

I can’t wait for the computer class when Gracie turns 3”!

Thank you,