Just wanted to let you know that this morning Angelica and myself were in the store.  Angelica walked up to the flowers in the store and instructed me to buy four flowers.  She told me that one of the flowers were for Michelle, Faith and Camelia for the office.  I asked her, what is the occasion?  She told me “Der, you don’t need an occasion to get nice flowers for nice people and I always see everyone being so nice to you and our family”.  I had to pinch myself. She also brought one to Timothy’s teacher to thank her for all her hard work with her brother.  Whatever is in the air at Prime Time should rub off on everyone.  I have noticed an amazing transition the past few months with Angelica; she is really growing up and the circumstances we had at home so stressful with Den’s job and Timothy’s illness she really is persevering.  We really know it’s the great structure and teaching at PT.

The rose may not be much but the idea behind it was such a sign of maturity on her part… Have a great weekend!!! We are thrilled with Prime Time. Please share this with your supervisors; they need to know which I am sure they know how great a facility you are running”.