Just Checking In – How new apps keep teachers and parents connected regarding child care

Pick up and drop off times are often the only face time parents get with teachers and staff at their children’s preschool, child care, or camp. However, those times are also the most hectic and busy, and every other parent has the same idea. Busy parents might not have enough insight into what their child’s day was like at school or camp if they can’t get the teacher for a few moments every day. Of course, children usually are not the most accurate or willing sources for information about their own school day, so asking them doesn’t really work either.

Parents want to know if their child was safe, learned new words, had fun, and was cooperative. They want to know what the class is currently learning about so they can follow up at home. The will want to know if their child napped, how well they ate, and if they learned a new skill.


This is where technology comes in handy. New phone and tablet apps for parents and teachers are being rolled out by progressive schools and child care centers. One such app, Preschool2me is a simple yet effective program app that allows teachers to post privately to parents the details of the classroom activities, including photos, notes and alerts in real time. Parents can check the classroom communications app throughout the day to see if there are any messages regarding their children, and to get daily reports. That’s not something that a written report can provide, it’s so much more. There are other classroom reporting apps too, such as Tadpole, Daily Connect, My Kidz Day, and Kid Reports, just to name a few.

Electronic reports are an excellent way to implement important educational improvement systems like behavior plans and IEP goals and to ensure they are being adhered to. Daily reports also provide a written and retrievable record of any activities or incidents in the event of any dispute or conflict between parents and staff, or between parents. These things do happen, and if there were a need for a meeting or mediation, a written record protects everyone’s interests. Electronic communications also improves record storage and retrieval to document staff and classroom training, safety practices and required drills to state regulators or inspectors.

Parents who may be concerned about their first babies being away in nursery or pre-school can enjoy a peace of mind when they miss their children. Parents who have to take business trips out of town can remain connected to their children’s education via their phone or tablet, even from other time zones. Working parents sometimes miss a lot of “firsts” that happen when their children are in daycare, like first steps, first words, and other achievements. With these real time apps, effectively used by their children’s teachers, traveling parents will be able to get the next best thing to being there, updates, photos and video.

These classroom communication apps are fairly new and many schools are not yet implementing them, so be sure to check with your center directors, and perhaps suggest a preferred app to your child’s child care center. With the ease and convenience of these new information, photo and video communication apps, many pre-schools and child care centers will definitely want to get on board, especially if many families demand this new technology.

Prime Time Early Centers serving Hoboken, Jersey City, Edgewater, Cliffside Park and Fort Lee NJ, and Farmingdale and Melville NY are proud early implementers of the Preschool 2 Me classroom parent communication software, and just renewed their contract for this highly effective classroom to parent communication software for another year.