Prime Time Early Learning has introduced Little Free Libraries at all of our centers!

As of December, 2016 all Prime Time Early Learning Centers have installed Little Free Libraries for young children’s books outside all our centers. What’s a Little Free Library?  Glad you asked! A Little Free Library is a home-made and decorated outdoor book box that serves as a small neighborhood based community lending library. Prime Time’s Little Free Libraries are designated for young children’s books only. Not just Prime Time kids; all kids who live nearby a Prime Time Center.

By using a Little Free Library, families can reduce, reuse and recycle children’s books as their kids outgrow or lose interest in certain books. Families don’t have to keep buying new books, or spend time, gas and money getting to their local library. Instead, neighbors share books with one another on the honor system; putting books in and taking them out without any requirement to return a book after a certain number of days, or if it becomes their new favorite; even ever return it at all! The point is, there are a LOT of books already printed in the world. Many of them sit on shelves, in garages, or up in attics for years or longer. Many others end up in recycling or garbage bins, and are either turned back into pulp or wind up in a landfill. Instead of continually buying, storing and disposing of books with plenty of life left in them, Little Free Libraries encourages people to share them with one another.

Little Free Libraries are unregulated by anyone, and encourage communities to engage in mutual respect, good manners and sound judgement. Some Little Free Libraries welcome any type of book or magazine anyone wants to contribute, while others are “curated” by their sponsor to encourage quality control and to restrict the use of the Library to exclude adult only literature, proselytizing materials, or used magazines. Prime Time’s Little Free Libraries are intended only for books relevant to children up to 8 years of age. Books intended for an older audience or other inappropriate written materials taking up space in these Little Libraries will be removed and donated to the library or recycled, as appropriate.

Please check out your Little Free Library at your local Prime Time Early Learning Center, and then … take a children’s book! Or even two! You don’t even need a library card. And when you and your child are finished with it, or another book, be sure to return your children’s books to your local Prime Time Little Free Library. You and your child will be glad you did. And so will the thousands of trees that will now remain happily growing green in the forest, instead of being cut down to make even more new books. And then, if you can’t find a Little Free Library in your neighborhood for books relevant to older children or adults, consider making and installing one of your own in front of your home, shop or on some nearby public land like a park or easement. For more information, visit