Prime Time Early Learning Partners with Local Police to Improve Center Security

At Prime Time Early Learning Centers in Bergen County, NJ and in Middletown and Farmingdale, NY, our first priority always is the safety and security of the children in our care. The good news is that we have our own security expert on staff. Prior to joining Prime Time, Prime Time’s Facilities, Safety and Security Director Jeff Wasserman served 30 years as an officer and official with the United States Park Police. During his career, Jeff held a number of positions including the Commander of the Audits & Inspections unit that regularly reviewed physical security technology and visitor safety protocols for the Washington Monument, Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials, and other federal sites in and around Washington D.C.

Jeff is well aware of the value of having a second (and third) set of eyes look at safety and security from a fresh and different perspective. As our Director of Safety and Security, one of Jeff’s roles is to reach out to local police agencies in the communities where our centers are located. On a regular basis we request that local police help our Directors to review our safety and security protocols, and to visit our centers to review our physical infrastructure such as doors and locks, electronic access control, CCTV cameras, gates, lights, signage and alarms. We discuss the unique features of our core child care program, after-school program, summer and holiday camp programs, and drop in childcare. This both serves to improve our security posture by having local police make suggestions on how we can continue to improve our center’s safety program, and to acquaint the officers with our center layout and staff.

Jeff also reviews and compares the feedback we receive from these police agencies in the six communities we serve in Paramus, Hoboken, East Rutherford, Edgewater NJ, and in Farmingdale and Middletown NY so we can share the accumulated wisdom of these law enforcement agencies among our six child care centers. A suggestion or insight made by the Suffolk County Police about our center in Farmingdale NY may be similarly beneficial to implement at our center in Edgewater NJ, and vice versa.

Our Prime Time management team recognizes that good ideas can come from anywhere. In addition to soliciting ideas from local police, Jeff is always interested in receiving the safety and security questions, concerns and suggestions made by Prime Time parents or staff, who may also have professional or inspired insight in the safety and security fields, or who just may notice something that wasn’t noticed by the security professionals. Jeff can always be reached at