Prime Time Switching to Energy Efficient LED Lighting

As part of its new Growing Green environmental awareness and stewardship program, Prime Time Early Learning Centers is starting the switch to LED lighting. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights use an entirely different type of highly efficient illumination source than the inefficient but popular “incandescent” light bulb invented by Thomas Edison in the 1800’s. As a result they’re up to 10 times more energy efficient than an incandescent bulb, and can often last up to 10 times as long as one as well! This means users don’t have to buy as many bulbs OR spent nearly as much time changing them. There’s also an increased safety factor since less people up on ladders changing bulbs means less people falling off ladders when changing bulbs! LED bulbs are also a lot more energy efficient than fluorescent tube bulbs, using about half of the energy and requiring no ballast device, which also need to be replaced. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs that all contain a small amount of highly toxic mercury in order to function, LED bulbs contain no mercury or other toxic substances.

Prime Time Early Learning Centers have required their staff to find and replace any existing incandescent or compact fluorescent standard light bulb in their centers, and to replace them with new screw-in LED bulbs. In addition, whenever overhead lighting in any of the centers requires repair or replacement, Prime Time is replacing the old fixtures with new LED fixtures. In the attached picture our intrepid handyman Kurt recently replaced six overhead fluorescent classroom fixtures with new LED fixtures. Several old overhead fluorescent fixtures in our Prime Time Edgewater Center were also recently replaced with LED fixtures. Any light fixtures requiring repair in our Middletown or Farmingdale NY centers in the future will also be replaced with high efficiency LED lighting.

Prime Time Early Learning Centers continues to lead the way in terms of increased environmental education, awareness and energy efficiency in all of our centers. In addition to adding LED lighting, Prime Time has recently implemented new recycling programs at our Edgewater NJ and Middletown NY centers, and is now separating out paper, cardboard, glass and metal from the rest of the garbage, for collection in separate recycling dumpsters. Prime Time now uses 30% recycled paper in all our center’s copy machines, and encourages the use of recycled materials like egg crates, buttons, toilet tissue tubes and milk cartons for children’s art projects. Prime Time also provides financial support to environmental advocacy groups such as the Hudson Riverkeeper and the World Wildlife Fund. If patronizing small family businesses that engage in responsible environmental practices and teaching environmental awareness to young children is important to you, we encourage you to stop by your local Prime Time Early Learning Center in New Jersey and New York to see how we are Growing Green!