From the Director’s Chair: Time to Register for Camp…


With the change in the weather, parents and childcare professionals turn their gaze towards the summer. It’s time to figure out what to do with the kiddos this summer. Prime Time Summer Camps provide your child with all the desirable activities and opportunities of a stand-alone NJ/NY day camp program within the Prime Time Early Learning Center’s familiarity and structure you have come to rely on. Although each Prime Time location offers its own unique Summer Camp program, all are guided by a similar set of principles, providing answers for that oft-asked question from parents:

Why Summer Camp?

Providing children an obvious break from the rigors of their regular school routine allows them to expand their horizons, get out into nature more, reflect on their lives through a different experiential lens, and apply their life learning in a relaxed, less demanding environment. A recent study, published by the American Camp Association, shows children across age groups develop more social skills, leadership qualities, independence and courage (willingness to try new things) as a result of time spent in organized summer camps. According to Barry A. Garst, PhD., the proven outcomes for children who attend summer camp are:

  • Understanding Safety
  • Skills to build friendships with adults and peers
  • Reduced summer learning loss
  • Connectedness with nature
  • Positive risk-taking
  • Increased physical activity
  • Opportunities for play and imagination
  • Engagement and leadership opportunities

Why Prime Time Summer Camp?

Prime Time Early Learning Summer Camps build upon our proven values-based childcare model to incorporate the opportunities of camp.

For our preschoolers who are just venturing into their first camp program, they feel safe with already formed preschool friendships and adults with whom they are already comfortable. Generously staffed bus trips to fun, educational destinations foster learning through curiosity and exploration, all while feeling cared for by knowledgeable, trusted teachers and counselors.

For our seasoned school-agers, Prime Time provides the outlet for engagement and expression, as well as opportunity to be with friends, counselors who understand them and a calendar of fun and education away from personal technology and the trappings of social media.

Camp at Prime Time offers the best of both worlds to your family: Your child gets to indulge in the fun experience of day camp, while you feel secure in the safety and routine you have come to know at Prime Time. Please inquire at your center about our camp program, or contact me directly at my office in Paramus. We are always happy to answer questions and address concerns.

Michael Reisman, M.Ed., Director of Operations
(201) 261-4780