Why Professional Child Care Is So Valuable

Deciding to send your child to professional care can be a difficult, often heart rending choice for many parents to make.  When your job or other personal or professional responsibilities don’t allow you to stay at home with your child all day, it can be emotionally trying for your family to have your child transition from being one-on-one with your continuous love and attention to suddenly being away from their home “nest” up to five days a week.  When just beginning at a childcare program or center, an effective way to lessen separation anxiety for the whole family is to start by sending your child to a child care center like Prime Time Early Learning for two or three hours at a time,  two or three times a week.  A week or two of summer camp and/or a graduated shift to full time attendance at a child care center can also prepare your child for easier transitions into grade school later in their young lives.

When considering professional child care for your child, remind yourself of the many social and emotional advantages your child will benefit from when attending a high quality early child care center like Prime Time ELC. The earlier you create the opportunity for your child to interact with other children in a structured setting, the faster they will learn how to relate and get along with others.  Meeting new people and making new friends provides your child a chance to learn how to effectively share and to communicate in a team of their peers. These early learning experiences at a Prime Time Early Learning will gently inspire your child to be excited and curious about learning and developing on their own and with others.

At Prime Time Early Learning Centers in New York and New Jersey, your child will be afforded the opportunity to learn from others and to absorb new information in a fun classroom or camp environment, led by trained teachers and care providers. Child-care is less strict than a grade school environment, and by selecting a center structured towards learning rather just supervision; your child will join a foundational learning environment. Simply being around teachers and other learners, your child’s vocabulary will quickly increase.  The new ideas introduced regularly to your child are specifically geared toward school preparation. A significant advantage of your child attending Prime Time Early Learning Center is that you will have professionally trained and supervised support in introducing the basics your child will soon need in school. Child day care centers like Prime Time Early Learning that have developed specialized early learning curriculum like our Prime Connections / Early Connections will ensure that your child will engage in fun activities that will also stimulate their cognitive capabilities by engaging both their right and left brain.

The social advantages of partnering with a day care center for child care also extend to you as a parent!  While your child(ren) are making new friends at school, you also receive opportunities to develop a support structure for yourself: other parents are going through the same transitions you are.  Further, by giving your child the gift of independent time to develop themselves away from you, you also provide yourself the same opportunity for growth: a win-win for both you and your child.  The opportunity to be a parent is a huge gift, but parenting non-stop can be stressful and self-defeating.  Enrolling your child for full or part time care at a professional Early Learning Center like Prime Time allows you to stay fresh and informed, and better able to effectively teach your child during the high quality time you spend together at home, in the evenings and on weekends.  You can find Prime Time Early Leaning Centers in Paramus, Edgewater, Hoboken and East Rutherford, NJ and in Middletown and Farmingdale NY.