Prime Connections is a research based and child-centered curriculum designed to focus on each domain of a child’s development: Social-Emotional, Physical and Cognitive.

Prime Time recognizes the importance and inter-relationship of each distinct domain, and their critical role in the development of young children. The Prime Connections Curriculum dynamically engages each developmental area to promote a healthy and engaged child, and strengthen his or her capability to explore, connect, and learn.

Through a variety of Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), our passionate and well-trained staff focus on the growth of the “Whole Child”. Our teachers engage in thoughtful decision making and intentional classroom exercise planning to apply Prime Connections. Teachers use the small group learning model frequently and conduct regular student assessments providing them insight into each child’s individual learning style. With this understanding, our teachers strategically assist our students in building the skills needed to successfully transition into their next phase of learning.

In addition, our Prime Connections curriculum provides our young learners the opportunity to explore their unique interests while enjoying all of the wonders and creative development of self-directed inventive play. Our Prime Connections curriculum is our exceptional approach to building firm foundations and equipping young children with the necessary tools for a lifetime love of learning and future school success.