Our Programs

Infants - 6 Weeks to 12 Months

Prime Time provides an enriched and nurturing environment for babies as young as six weeks. At this age, children sleep and eat on their own schedule. Our loving caregivers make sure your child’s awake time is spent out of the crib where stretching, pushing and pulling, sights and sounds, cuddling and touching help them learn about their bodies and their world. Rest assured that your child’s experience at Prime Time is secure, attentive and loving. Parents are always welcome to come in to visit their babies and to call us at any time to check in. Daily care records are maintained for each baby and regularly sent home with parents.

As babies grow, they start to master their bodies and their environment as they roll about, crawl, sit up and walk. Motor skills develop as they learn to grasp and then manipulate objects – inevitably checking out how they taste—all important milestones in a baby’s development. At this young age, infants delight in recognizing and creating sounds and looking at pictures. Our Prime Time caregivers actively interact with babies by teaching them songs and words, lessons of cause and effect, and safe interaction with the world around them.

Toddler - 12 to 36 Months

Walking, talking, socializing, alternating between independence and dependence, curiosity and lots of energy are the marks of toddlers. This age group is often messy as they learn to feed themselves, use the potty, and indulge their artistic creativity—all things we celebrate and encourage at Prime Time. We help young toddlers learn boundaries and control without discouraging their innate love of life. Although they can’t yet sing or read, they love to hear and make music, and listen to stories. They enjoy blocks, simple puzzles and manipulative toys. Lessons are introduced using a dynamic curriculum we’ve developed for this age group with our own monthly themes. Teachers send home a daily report and monthly activity newsletter so parents can keep track of their children’s activities and growth.

With language and motor skills making great leaps, toddlers start expressing rapidly developing independence. Our proprietary thematic curriculum centers on age-appropriate skill goals that challenge toddlers and permit young children’s interactive development. Children learn songs, self-care, sharing, and enjoy dressing up, sand and water play, housekeeping, language and art lessons. Our daily reports and monthly activity newsletters keep parents informed and connected to their children’s development at Prime Time.

Preschool - 3 to 4 Years


This age marks the transition from toddler to preschooler. By age three, children have mastered most physical skills and begin to develop socially with peers in cooperative—and often more focused—play. These active, hands-on learners become expressive, social members of a group. They begin to sit for longer periods of time, listen to stories, sing songs, and repeat simple rhymes. Our Prime Connections curriculum, with its strong Language and Literacy component, supports these milestones with topics relevant to a three-year-old’s world. In-class learning centers and small group instruction offer an environment rich with opportunities for young children to grow and develop.


This year is such a remarkable stage in a child’s development. As preschoolers gain independence and self-control, they begin to think logically and solve problems. They regularly ask the “how” and “why” of the world around them and become imaginative, creative thinkers. Their ability to coordinate gross motor muscles enables them to focus on achieving fine motor control through practice with drawing, writing and practical skills such as dressing themselves (buttoning, tying, zipping clothing) and pouring juice.

Prime Time’s Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is based on the theory that young children learn through active exploration of their environment. Our focus is to develop the whole child through a broad array of learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate and provide the foundation skills necessary for future school success. Our teachers work with each student on social, cognitive and motor skills; language, and phonics. Each classroom is equipped with education stations and computers.

PreKindergarten - 5 Year Olds

Our Pre-K children have grown into unique personalities with a strong sense of self. They are curious learners who develop strong readiness skills in the literacy, language, and logical thinking areas of development. They also grow socially and become problem-solvers, are able to resolve conflicts, and maintain healthy peer relationships. Fine motor skills enable our youngsters to have control with writing materials so that school readiness skills such as writing letters and their name become evident. Phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking questions are emerging literacy skills we will work on during the Pre-K year. Characteristics such as staying on task, regulating behaviors, and a positive, confident approach to learning prepare our children for school success.

Summer Camp

Prime Time Summer Camp offers indoor and outdoor activities for children during school holidays, summer, winter and spring breaks. Prime Time provides a safe place for your child to grow and learn while participating in fun activities and exciting excursions. Along with our Prime Connections Curriculum and Growing Green program, our Teachers and counselors augment our weekly themes with games, science experiments, scavenger hunts and creative arts. Prime Time uses the Preschool2Me digital app, which sends a photo and report to parents every day, so you may be in the loop of all your child’s camp experiences.

Programs differ by location. Contact Prime Time to begin your child’s summer adventure!

After School Care

Prime Time provides a safe, fun place for your growing elementary school age child to gain more independence in a supervised program. Our After School program is structured so children can be dropped off, or in some cases, picked up after their school day, and receive homework assistance, computer time, socialize with friends and play time, and time to rest.

Programs and transportation vary by location. Contact Prime Time for availability in your area.

School Breaks & Holidays

Prime Time offers school vacation and holiday break care on a daily or weekly basis for children 5-9 years of age. Older children are assigned their own staff member, who will organize a full day of age appropriate fun and educational activities.