Infant Care – 6 Weeks to 12 Months

Prime Time provides an enriched and nurturing environment for babies as young as six weeks. At this age, children sleep and eat on their own schedule. Our loving caregivers make sure your child’s awake time is spent out of the crib where stretching, pushing and pulling, sights and sounds, cuddling and touching help them learn about their bodies and their world. Rest assured that your child’s experience at Prime Time is secure, attentive and loving. Parents are always welcome to come in to visit their babies and to call us at any time to check in. Daily care records are maintained for each baby and regularly sent home with parents.


As babies grow, they start to master their bodies and their environment as they roll about, crawl, sit up and walk. Motor skills develop as they learn to grasp and then manipulate objects – inevitably checking out how they taste—all important milestones in a baby’s development. At this young age, infants delight in recognizing and creating sounds and looking at pictures. Our Prime Time caregivers actively interact with babies by teaching them songs and words, lessons of cause and effect, and safe interaction with the world around them.

“It’s been a great experience from the start! I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Prime Time Schools. I am so satisfied every day knowing that this is the place I chose to be apart of out FAMILY. I am so confident that my child is well taken care of, that he is in the best hands, and most of all is genuinely LOVED by the staff here and he LOVES them just as much!!! The staff really puts so much thought, time, and ENERGY in EVERYTHING they do to make every day special and unique for these kids…. “

-Adrianne P

A Safe, Nurturing Environment

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Watching Over Little Ones
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Sleeping Safely
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Areas of Development

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