Serena & John
Prime Time Hoboken

“Isabel, Alecia and Joan were the best first teachers / caregivers we could have imagined for Bo.  It was tough for us to send him [to child care] at 4 months, but Isabel immediately put us at ease.  We were so grateful that as Bo grew and his needs changed that she worked to k eep him on his changing schedule and meet his new needs.  Alecia and Joan too were always so kind and caring.  It meant so much to us to see the smiles they got from Bo.  We knew he loved being with them”.

Prime Time Parent
Prime Time Middletown

“… Every single member of the Prime Time family has become part of our family.  We have always felt comfortable speaking with the Directors and caregivers about our children or their needs.  We are so thankful and highly recommend Prime Time.”

D. Mohr
Prime Time Paramus

“Great staff! My son loves it there. The teachers are wonderful, and his social interactions with other are tremendous. I can’t say enough good things about his teachers in his classroom. Miss Gentiana in the Snugglies is the best! Viro and Diane are helpful with all communications, and a pleasure to deal with in the office. Would recommend to anyone!”.

Brian and Vanessa M.
Prime Time Edgewater

“Dear Nicole, Jasmine and Panina,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you and your wonderful staff at Prime Time for the amazing job you do every day.  [Teachers] Blossom and Alyssa have been incredible from day one.  We couldn’t have asked for more caring and sweet teachers for our baby’s second home.  Jake often leaves my arms to go with them and never looks back.  They have always been affectionate and display an endless amount of positive energy when dealing with all of the babies in the class.  Jake has rapidly advanced in ways that surprise us every day.

We thank all of you at Prime Time for the work you do, and for the patience and tenderness you display every day for the children in your care.  We are blessed to have found your school and look forward to many more years with all of you”.


Anne B.
Prime Time Edgewater

Hello Prime Time Leaders,  I just want to thank you so much for providing KinderDance (as well as other extra activities) at Prime Time.  We attended a beautiful recital last night!  It exceeded our expectations by a lot, and we LOVED every minute of it!  The kids were so cute, and so into it.

Thank you so much for offering such fun, stimulating activities for the kids.  As a mother who works in the city, my time for activities with my daughter Gracies is so limited, and I really appreciate that PT has the ability to have outside companies come into your daycare to provide this enrichment.

If there are ever any other respectable companies that you’re considering to all into the school to teach “extras”, be if foreign language, salsa dance, karate, etc. please know I would be first in line to sign up!

I can’t wait for the computer class when Gracie turns 3”!

Thank you,

Joy B.
Prime Time Paramus

“Just wanted to let you know how much we love Miss Sonia.  I think it’s because of her fun and kind nature that Gavin transitioned to his new classroom so well.  I’ve seen her interact with the kids and they respond so well to her.  I’ve also caught Gavin singing songs that he learned at school.  And on a few occasions he’s asked Miss Sonia when we’re at home, on the weekends.  He just loves her!

I also attribute a lot of Gavin’s overall developmental success to all of the staff at Prime Time.  I get so many comments on how well he speaks for his age.  And he plays so nicely with other kids.  Growing up through Prime Time has been so great in building his character.  Thank you for all that you and the staff do”!

Best regards,

S. Edwards
Prime Time Paramus

“The fear of being a first time mother and having to leave your daughter or child in a daycare setting can be scary. My daughter has been with Prime Time for about 6 months now and I could not have made a better decision in choosing Prime Time Paramus, as her childcare provider. The entire team has made the transition very easy and I feel secure knowing my daughter is in a safe environment and in loving hands. They provide Spanish classes for my daughter along with other learning activities. I love the daily updates and the pictures I receive via email with her daily activities it assures me she is having a good time with her friends and teachers along with the learning strategies they provide”.

The Salzman Family
Prime Time Paramus

“ Melissa,

While we love to joke around a lot and have fun I would like to be serious one time.  Today is the end of an era for us.  Jessica and I have been sending our kids to Prime Time for over 4 years.  We started in Edgewater and have been in Paramus for 3 years now.  We can’t begin to thank you, Amy, Anna and al the teachers for the wonderful care and love you have shown Alexis and Chase over the years.  You have cared for them like they were your own.  Both of them have grown up and learned so much from Prime Time! 

It’s a very comforting feeling for us that we know when the kids were dropped off until the time they were picked up that they were cared for and safe.

We are going to truly miss coming to Prime time as will the kids.  From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU”.

Catherine T.
Prime Time Paramus

“My name is Catherine and my daughter Bailey is a student at your Paramus location.  Within the short amount of time Bailey has been attending your school my family has gone thru a major family loss, a newborn, and a huge financial loss due to me getting laid off from my job.  Melissa has been so amazing with us.  Constantly checking in with us and always showing compassion for whatever we were going thru. She truly has gone out of her way to make sure Bailey is OK with all these transitions and I couldn’t be happier with your facility all around.  But specifically because of Melissa I would recommend anyone to your facilities.  Thank you for taking the time to hire the best staff possible”.


Nakiya B.
Prime Time Middletown

“Prime Time Early Learning Center is a GREAT Program.  It’s a program that lets my little ones’ imaginations explore a place that are unbelievable.  The Staff is a very professional and considerate.  My daughter Timia has been in the program since age 2 and Prime Time has made her more than ready for Kindergarten.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for * great educational program * facility structure * time management * and has the children’s best interest at heart”

Jennifer M.
Prime Time Middletown

“Dear Eva,

For the past 4 years we have been so pleased with Prime Time.  Our children have been nurtured, loved and cared for in a safe and warm environment.  My husband and I always feel confident leaving our children each day and know that not only will be they be happy but they will have something new they have learned each day.  It always amazes us how even our 2 year old has a new word or phrase added to her vocabulary daily and that our 4 year old knows his letters and numbers due to the teachers and staff.

There is a structure and routine to every room, including the Snugglies.  On our very first visit to Prime Time when my son was just 6 weeks old I witnessed how smoothly the infant room ran and was in awe that the teachers were able to meet the needs of each of the babies they were caring for, and in a loving way.

Every single member of the Prime Time family has become part of our family.  We have always felt comfortable speaking with the Directors and caregivers about our children and their needs.  We are so thankful and highly recommend Prime Time”.

Tina B.
Prime Time Middletown

“I cannot express in words how much Prime Time Learning Center means to myself and family.  Over the last five years Prime time has become like a “second family” to us.  I am very fortunate to have found such a wonderful place for my three daughters to spend their time while my husband and I are at work.  The staff ist he most loving, caring, nurturing and attentive people I have known.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that they were just as proud and excited to share in all of my children’s accomplishments as I was, whether it be; her first step, first words, learning her ABS’s, tying her shoe or learning how to write her name. 

Each and every staff member has had a positive impact on my children’s lives as they have moved through the different classes.  My daughter will be graduating Pr-K this June and is more than ready for Kindergarten.  Prime Time’s program focuses on developing a well rounded child through a multi-sensory learning environment, getting them ready for their next class and the future.  The staff is always to meet the needs of each individual child.  I am very grateful to, and highly recommend the great staff that comprises Prime Time”.

Melissa S.
Prime Time Farmingdale


Just wanted to let you know that this morning Angelica and myself were in the store.  Angelica walked up to the flowers in the store and instructed me to buy four flowers.  She told me that one of the flowers were for Michelle, Faith and Camelia for the office.  I asked her, what is the occasion?  She told me “Der, you don’t need an occasion to get nice flowers for nice people and I always see everyone being so nice to you and our family”.  I had to pinch myself. She also brought one to Timothy’s teacher to thank her for all her hard work with her brother.  Whatever is in the air at Prime Time should rub off on everyone.  I have noticed an amazing transition the past few months with Angelica; she is really growing up and the circumstances we had at home so stressful with Den’s job and Timothy’s illness she really is persevering.  We really know it’s the great structure and teaching at PT.

The rose may not be much but the idea behind it was such a sign of maturity on her part… Have a great weekend!!! We are thrilled with Prime Time. Please share this with your supervisors; they need to know which I am sure they know how great a facility you are running”. 


The Crisci Family
Prime Time Farmingdale

“There should be more people like you!

After 8 years, it is time that we say goodbye to an amazing group of people.  Whether you said Hi, were Gabby & Gianna’s teachers, aid, special activity teacher or just someone they knew & “chatted with” we appreciate everything you did.

It is a very hard decision to leave a little baby in someone else’s care; however at Prime Time we never worried.  We knew our babies were being taken care of.  All of you have impacted their development of social skills, academic skills, gross motor & fine motor skills.  Our girls have a solid foundation to move forward in life.  We want to thank you for everything you have done for Gabby & Giana.  We will miss but never forget anyone at Prime Time.  8 years later, we know we made the right decision”.

Liz K.
Prime Time Hoboken

“Prime Time day care is just amazing.  The teachers and staff are incredibly caring and wonderful with the children.  My son loves going to school, playing with his friends and doing any one of the fun activities his teachers have planned.  The curriculum is posted so you know what is being taught and the teachers are always available to answer any questions.  I cannot recommend Prime Time enough.  It is just a wonderful daycare”.

The Spectors
Prime Time Edgewater

“Dear Jan,

I wanted to thank you for making the past 5 ½ years so wonderful for us at Prime Time.  You really have a special school that makes everyone feel at home.  I will find it very difficult to go to any other school knowing that I already was the best one, with the best director!

You are fantastic at your job and Ricci is lucky to have you running the school.  All the best and thank you again”.


The Maresca Family
Prime Time Farmingdale

“Hi Michelle,

We wanted to express our appreciation for the high standards of care and education provided at Prime Time of Farmingdale.  Joshua started in September in the Bunnies room, and he has been very happy in his new environment.  This is very large part to his fabulous teachers, Miss Brittney, Miss Marissa, and in the morning Miss Christina.  They actively engage eh children, and provide them with a safe and fun environment.  I’m sure you are already aware of the hard work and dedication of your staff, but we wanted to highlight the dedication and care provided by the teachers in the Bunny room”.


Mr. & Mrs. Moon
Prime Time Edgewater

“Ms. Jan & staff at Prime Time.  We want to thank all of you for playing such essential and irreplaceable roles in Chloe’s life the last five years.  Through these years we’ve seen her blossom into a delightful, creative and confident child with lots of love for life.  We will fondly remember her many stories from school and friendships she has formed in the days to come.  Thank you again for all of your hard work, skills, the care & patience you have demonstrated with such professionalism”.

Warmest Regards,

Lee Family
Prime Time Edgewater

“Dear Ms. Big & Little Debbie,

Thank you so much for being such wonderful teachers!  We are so grateful that Isaac & Olivia had the privilege of being in your class.  They have grown so much and learned so much from both of you.  We know they thoroughly enjoyed the time they spent with you and often talk about Big Debbie and Little Debbie at home!   Isaac will miss you both so much when he leaves for his new school.  We are sad to be leaving but are so thankful that now our little ones’ early school experience included having two such special teachers.  Thank you so much for your care & enthusiasm – you are both very gifted!  We will miss you but hope to visit from time to time.  Best wishes for you both”!